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Trellis is rooted in the Latin word trichila which means greenery bower. According to the dictionary, a bower is known as, ‘a leafy shelter or recess; arbor’. The purpose of a trellis is two-fold. Trellises were and continue to be a garden design element installed to allow climbing plants, flowers and agriculture to reach their full growth potential. They also provide an amazing focal point for your landscape design.

Whether your goal is to have form or function, Wood’s Remodeling & Construction possesses years of experience in building beautiful trellises throughout Columbia, South Carolina and surrounding areas.


There is a plethora of materials to choose from when building your trellis. The varieties available are as varied as your tastes. The primary feature of the desired material is that it be pliable. Timber, bamboo, metal and nylon string are all functional materials to choose from. For a modern, industrial architectural detail we can achieve the design you desire with wire mesh or chain link fencing.

To maximize the life-span of your trellis it is imperative that it is constructed of moisture resistant materials. Trellises have a way of providing a sense of warmth and welcome and denote an attention to detail.


The designs available for your trellis are endless. They can be rectangular, square, arched, triangular and even composed of a multitude of joined concentric circles. Your trellis can be horizontal or vertically constructed. One of our favorite designs combines a pergola with a dual trellis as its support. You will certainly make a statement with this combo of garden features.

Give us a call to schedule a complimentary consultation. It would be our pleasure to sit down with you and discuss your outdoor design goals and in particular, which vegetation you are keen in having your trellis grow and support.

Form vs Function

A trellis can be beautifully sculpted to lend shade in the summer months. Walking underneath a trellis wound with sweet scented bougainvillea is breathtaking. Honey suckle, climbing roses, morning glory and wisteria thrive on trellises. Likewise, tomatoes, cucumbers and grapes grow marvelously on a well constructed trellis, when located in the proper light.

The ultimate trellis is a combination of both form and function. It would be our joy to construct a deck outfitted with a custom sofa, an overhead pergola and two trellises on either side for support. Once your selected vegetation reaches its fullness, you will have an oasis right in your backyard.

Privacy Trellis

A privacy trellis is perfect for urban dwellers residing in close quarters with their neighbors. One of the amazing features of trellises is that they don’t require a lot of space. We can construct a trellis for your balcony, back patio or front porch. A privacy trellis embellished with angel trumpets would be divine at concealing an outdoor shower retreat.

A trellis featuring gold hops would be ideal to conceal a casual sunbather from nosy neighbors. Trellises are an inexpensive way to add life to your garden space. Allow the best trellis builder in Columbia, SC to work for you.

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