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Sunroom Contractor - Enclose Your Patio

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Sunrooms Columbia SC

A sunroom is like a porch on steroids. Your sunroom can double as a green house. Wood’s Remodeling & Construction can create a green and gorgeous glass ceiling with solar panels. If you desire something a bit more colonial in nature, allow us to construct a sunroom made of cedar complete with a custom dining table and chairs.

A sunroom can be ideal for a dinner party with the ones you love or a relaxing place to enjoy a good book. Our skilled sunrooms Columbia SC carpenters can install a swinging bed, similar to a child’s swing set but with more sophistication.


Most of us have only experienced sunrooms in a residential setting, but sunrooms are great additions for businesses too. It’s a perfect space where your employees can relax during breaks and it also promotes wellness. It has been scientifically proven that healthy and balanced employees are more productive.

A sunroom can also be a wonderful architectural addition to a restaurant or café. When the weather is cooperative, diners typically prefer to sit outside. Bring the outside in with a sunroom. We are able to construct with minimal disruption to your business. In the past we have employed night crews and worked during non-operating hours to get the job done.

Residential Sunrooms Columbia SC

A beautifully constructed sunroom takes your home to the next level. Depending on how your home sits on your property, we can construct a sunroom on the front, rear or side of your home. No sunroom would be complete with temperature controls to lessen heat in the summer and increase it in the winter.

A sunroom with a retractable roof is perfect for Columbia’s hot and humid nights. We understand that there is a higher level of sensitivity when working within your home. For that reason, we make certain that all of our skilled contractors pass an extensive background check.

Licensed and Insured/Warranty

All of our contractors regardless of their field of expertise are licensed and bonded. They are extremely knowledgeable of the building codes pertinent to the state of South Carolina. In other words, you don’t have to worry about getting slapped with a fine for code violations. You can trust that your sunroom will be built to code and pass a routine inspection.

Our phone agents are trained in remodeling and construction. They are able to answer most of your questions and schedule an appointment with you for a free consultation. If they are unable to answer your queries, they will connect you to a skilled contractor who can.


Some people go to their grave not having realized their dreams. When on their death beds, the number one regret is not having lived life fully and spent more time with loved ones. Beautiful spaces are psychologically inviting and welcome people in. With the addition of a sunroom, you are effectively creating an inviting space for your friends and family to enjoy.

We can work within your budget to create the sunroom of your dreams. Don’t miss this opportunity to spend more quality time with your loved ones without having to leave your home. Don’t hesitate, call us and experience the #1 sunroom builder Columbia, SC has to offer.

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