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Screened Porch in Columbia SC

Screened porches used to be more about keeping the mosquitos out than creating a beautiful space for respite. Todays porches are a modernized version of our grandparents'. The structure itself protects you from the elements and insects.

You can sip your sweet tea without being pestered by impervious flies. With a screened in porch, you can enjoy a warm fireplace while a storm brews overhead. For those with a green thumb, your porch can house your most precious plants. The chef in you would be pleased to know that an entire garden can thrive within a screened porch. Fresh basil for tonight’s dinner anyone?


Much of the country hasn’t experienced the pleasures of a good ol’ country porch. Porches are an institution in South Carolina. They bring folks together in a casual setting. On a front porch you can be yourself, unlike in a formal dining room or parlor.

Being that they are an extension of your home, it makes sense to invest in a well-built porch. A screened porch in Columbia SC increases the enjoyment quotient ten-fold. There’s nothing like trying to enjoy your lazy Sunday and swatting away flies instead. With a screened porch there’s no need for citronella candles, toxic bug repellant or noisy bug zappers.

Utilitarian vs. Relaxation

Your porch can be more than a storage space for unsightly objects that your wife won’t let you keep in the house. Allow Wood’s Remodeling & Construction to transform your porch into a productive work space. From crafters to writers, creating in the elements on a screened porch can provide the inspiration you need. Likewise, a sleeper porch is all the rage.

Sleeping in your screened porch is like glamping without the inconvenience. Our skilled contractors can build a custom water feature that will take your porch to the next level. Whatever your needs, we are happy to listen. Schedule a complimentary consultation with our Columbia SC porch contractors today.


A custom built stone fireplace or fire pit is most enjoyable during the winter months. South Carolina’s Gullah culture of haints and spirits has influenced how we decorate our homes. We can go the traditional route and paint the ceiling “haint blue” or use bamboo for a more bohemian aesthetic. It would be our pleasure to install an adult swing for your enjoyment.

Our experienced porch contractors in Columbia SC have even built custom barbecue pits. In a covered screened porch, you can barbecue year-round, no problem. Is the weather preventing you from enjoying a good swim? Allow us to construct your screened porch around an endless pool.

Affordable Screened Porches

Regardless of the scale, we can build your dream screened porch within your budget. We have access to quality wholesale materials due to the relationships we’ve established with our suppliers over the years. The savings we receive are extended to our customers. Our Columbia SC porch contractors work efficiently, allowing us to meet our previously agreed deadlines. The longer a project drags out, the costlier it becomes.

With Wood’s Remodeling & Construction you won’t have to worry about escalating costs. You keep saying that, “this is the year to upgrade your landscape.” Well, what are you waiting for? Don’t let cost be a mitigating factor.

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