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Gazebos & Pergolas Columbia SC

Maybe you thought they were the same thing, like most people. But actually gazebos and pergolas are quite similar in that they serve the same purpose. The primary difference is the construction and design. Think of the gazebo as pergolas’ big cousin.

A gazebo is more grand and yet can take up the same space as a pergola. If you like to grow things, a pergola would be more in alignment with your lifestyle. Tomatoes and rose bushes flourish on pergolas. Both gazebos and pergolas provide shade and add architectural detail to your home or business.


A beautifully constructed gazebo or pergola will transform your exterior space into a garden paradise. Many people think of a gazebo as an outdated colonial landscape feature. Depending on the design elements, color and building material, a gazebo can take form as an ideal wedding location or complement a Japanese koi pond. Ultimately both provide shade from the sun.

Your lifestyle will set the tone for the design and purpose of use. Whether you desire a space for relaxation or entertainment, Wood’s Remodeling & Construction can make your design dreams come true. Our company is the most highly rated gazebo builder Columbia, SC has experienced.

Building Materials

Wrought iron details with an oxidized copper roof are traditional building materials associated with gazebos. Often people choose a wood gazebo with a white paint finish. As with decks, synthetic composite and PVC will extend the life of your gazebo or pergola. We exude the skill to construct your gazebo out of stone or brick.

Our contractors have the technical capabilities to construct on flat land or an incline. Even when constructing over a body of water, a variety of material options are available to you. Should you choose to add flower boxes or allow vegetation to grow organically, we promise that the finished product will be absolutely stunning.


A gazebo doesn’t have to be in the shape of an octagon or hexagon. Some of the most elegant gazebos feature a simple rectangular design. Pergolas are typically square or rectangular shaped, however we can construct one in the shape of a circle if you so desire. Gazebos and pergolas serve as a major focal point for your exterior design. Make the purpose of your gazebo or pergolas as a place to break bread, and you’ve got a winner.

You don’t need to have copious amounts of space to accommodate a gazebo or pergola. A pergola can serve as an architectural detail to your home’s entrance.


Are you ready to have everyone want to “borrow” your abode as the place to host parties and important life events? That’s what a gazebo will do for you. The cost is nil when compared to the value of bringing friends and family together.

The price will be influenced by the materials used, size of the structure and features added. From modern hipster to traditional ornate, we can work within your budget. There is no project too big or small for us to handle. Instead of guessing and coming to the conclusion that you can’t afford this wonderful feature, give us a call for a free consultation for your custom pergola in Columbia SC!

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