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Deck Building

A deck is an awesome way to bring family together. Notice how everyone descends upon decks. Birthday parties, Fourth of July celebrations, baby showers and backyard barbecues all occur here.

Decks are an American institution and intrinsic to life in South Carolina. From a place of entertainment to one of leisure, it all goes down here. Contract Wood’s Remodeling & Construction to build your own. If you prefer a traditional wood deck, we are expert carpenters. Our custom deck contractors are also versed in working with composite materials like PVC. Let us handle the details and you’ll find the investment worth it.

Timber Deck Building Columbia SC

Go the traditional route and select wood for your deck. There are several different types of timber to choose from. Treated pine is a favorite for its porous properties. It’s also one of the least expensive wood options on the market. Redwood is naturally corrosion and insect resistant. Cedar is an old school favorite, however it is a very soft wood and frankly there are more durable options available.

Some folks choose to construct their decks with pressure-treated lumber. It is insect and rot resistant, however, it does have the tendency to warp and twist under extreme temperatures.

Synthetic Deck Construction Columbia SC

Deck construction has come a long way. Previously, a deck was a slightly fancier version of your run of the mill back porch. Back in the day, cedar and pine were pretty much your only two options. Now you can choose PVC A.K.A. polyvinyl chloride. Think of it as the deck material that requires the least maintenance.

Composite is another extremely durable option made of wood and plastic. Due to its timber make-up, it is prone to mold and must be pressure washed every three to four years. Although, not as pliable as timber, we have the equipment to bend synthetic planks to form a beautiful design.

Entertainment Decks Columbia SC

Entertainment decks are the best way to bring friends and families together. Technology allows us to completely automate your deck with remote controlled televisions and projector screens. Imagine watching the game with the fellas on your fancy new deck. Plan a watch party for your favorite new show with the girls. If you’re worried about the kids' whereabouts, with a deck, your home can be that house in the community that all the kids flock to. Install a bar so you can be the ultimate host.

What would Carolina summers be without a little something spicy on the grill? Our Columbia SC decking contractors can build a custom barbecue perfectly fitted for your deck.

Relaxation Deck

If relaxation is your thing, allow our licensed contractors to outfit your deck with a Jacuzzi. Outdoor showers can be very soothing and easy to install. Creating space in your deck for a Zen Japanese rock garden complete with a water feature is perfect for maintaining personal balance.

A custom swing is a classic accoutrement for southern exterior spaces. If you want to go big, we can even construct your deck around an outdoor swimming pool. A privacy deck is just the thing for nosy neighbors. We can create the illusion of privacy without blocking the beauty of the outdoors. You’ve got the best deck builder Columbia, SC has ever seen on your side.

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